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Highstein, Max
Max Highstein an intuitive consultant and teacher with extensive training in counseling and spiritual psychology. A dedicated listener, he helps his clients re-connect with their deepest inner resources -- the place where one’s personal power intersects with one’s destiny. His classes and forthcoming book focus on intuition training for men, and on everyday spiritual connection. He is also an internationally acclaimed recording artist with over ten music and guided imagery recordings to his credit.
Kahne, Ellen Louise
Ellen Louise Kahne, President and founder of The Reiki Peace Network, Inc. and Reiki University is an active Reiki Master/Karuna® Reiki Master/healer certified to teach all levels of Reiki and Karuna Reiki®. Ellen is a performance poet and writer who uses Point of Focus healing techniques, poetry, meditation and vibrational sound energies in her teaching and healing practice.
Kapit, Stephen H.
DreamTime Designs is a full service web design, hosting and maintenance company for clients who want the absolute best in quality and service. The DreamTime Newsletter is written by visionary futurist Stephen H. Kapit.
Littman, Karen
Karen Littman is the founder and President of Morphonix, LLC. Littman has received over $4 million in grants for projects she initiated and developed. She is currently producing a series of educational video games that make the abstract concepts of brain science more fun and comprehensible to children and teens. Littman associate-produced The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, a documentary film, founded several companies, and is a pianist, composer, and vocalist.
Marie, Nancy
Nancy Marie has been known for her highly accurate readings and innovative intuitive training methods, which teach how to reactivate innate intuitive abilities with the sound of your voice, for over twenty years. The effectiveness of these methods are substantiated by some of the newest discoveries in human cell biology. With the publishing of her first book, The Beckoning Song of Your Soul, A Guidebook for Developing Your Intuition, she hopes to make her methods available to as many people as possible, and help move intuition away from the esoteric and mysterious and back into the mainstream.
Marsolek, Patrick 
Patrick Marsolek is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing in Helena, Montana. He is the director of Inner Workings Resources, exploring consciousness, trance, intuition, and intention, the author of Transform Yourself: A Self-hypnosis Manual, and has produced a series of audio CDs on self-hypnosis, relaxation, and remote viewing. Patrick also teaches classes in self-hypnosis and developing intuition. He leads experiential, intuitive field trips and workshops to sacred sites in Montana and abroad, helping people access their own intuitive sense and connection to landscapes to work on themselves and for social action.
Mauro, Colleen
Colleen Mauro is the publisher of Intuition Magazine which brings you the opinions of experts, and stories of ordinary people who use intuition to make better decisions and lead fuller, more prosperous lives. It shows you how and why intuition is important in business, education, the helping professions, science, technology and the arts.

McCartney, Francesca
Dr. Francesca McCartney is president of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® founded in 1984. An academic and experiential based vocational school for professional and medical intuitives and those interested in integrating intuitive abilities into a current career or developing intuition as a pragmatic skill. Offering CEUs for nurses, educational psychologists and body workers. The Academy is institution, director and faculty approved by the State of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

Nadel, Laurie
Laurie's Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power is being reissued through the American Society of Journalists and Authors and First published in 1990, the book was a national bestseller. As a management consultant on developing intuitive thinking skills for leadership and teambuilding, her clients have included Eli Lilly and Company, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The first 20 years of her career were spent in journalism working for Reuters Television, ABC and CBS News. For the past 5 years, she has been a regular contributor to the New York Times. "LI at Worship," her column on religion and spirituality, appears in the Sunday Long Island section.

Naparstek, Belleruth 
Psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD, author of Your Sixth Sense:  Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition, is a nationally recognized innovator in the field of guided imagery, and the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audiotapes, a 25-title series with Time Warner that has sold over 750,000 copies nationwide. She is the author of Staying Well with Guided Imagery, a best selling primer that is widely used by medical professionals and health consumers.

Nash, Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee Nash is the founder of Within The Light; a Spiritual Institute and Wellness Ministry offering intuitive guidance, loving messages from the other side, and an array of resources and tools to better enhance the lives of those who seek a more holistic approach to living. She has held numerous intuitive workshops, appeared on radio and is also a successful inspirational author with BlueMountain Arts.

Orloff, Dr. Judith
Judith Orloff MD is a psychiatrist and a practicing intuitive in Los Angeles. She is author of Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing, Second Sight and has an audiotape, Awakening Second Sight. Dr. Orloff is proving that the links between physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual connectedness cannot be ignored. Affirming that intuition is the bond between these seemingly disparate areas of our lives, Dr. Orloff offers hands-on, workable intuitive tools to medical practitioners, patients, and everyday people through workshops and lectures at medical schools, hospitals, alternative health-care forums, and educational institutions.

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