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Victor Beasley
Hear the Maestro speak for himself. This is the foreword that Victor wrote for the Inreaching Manual. Inreaching is the name for the Intuition Study Groups we are cultivating all over the world.
Many are the paths that lead to the core of one's being ... to the heart of one's own truth. And so it is with the various excursions into intuition that are assembled on the following pages of this volume. This unusually rich collection of works is designed to support our journey of 
self-discovery. So whichever of these intuitive vehicles you choose for your travels, whatever your observations and experiences along the way, know that the ultimate destination for us all remains singular and unchanging - conscious awareness of our own deepest inner knowing.

The fun part of our trip is that we don't have to do it alone. With a little inquiry, one discovers many companions who delight in uncovering and sharing their intuitive potentials. In Phoenix, we began our Intuition Group in 1991, immediately following the first international conference of the Global Intuition Network (since renamed Intuition Network). I believe that it is our shared commitment to individual self-discovery, together with our mutual support of each other, that maintains our group. We have found that group-work works, even though our personalities and professions vary widely.

The Inreaching Study Group Program speaks to the essential component of profound intuitive development: the individual quest for soul-knowing that is nurtured and supported by a sustained collective intent. This formula for intuitive development applies whether the group in question is local or global in its outreach. Having the courage, the freedom and the community to pursue, with compassion, one's deepest knowing is, I believe, a most treasured set of circumstances. Let us explore ways to enshrine this Intelligence Of The Heart within the very fabric of our lives, knowing that each Inreaching pass we make towards our innermost knowing strengthens the Soul's gravitational pull upon our daily activities.
Victor Beasley

I know Victor as a man who walked his path with clarity and directness. He did his work with love and left a lasting legacy. His vibration will resonate throughout eternity. Thank you Victor.
Nancy Rosanoff
  Victor....You have shared with us, in so many ways, the fullness and light of your deep spirit and gentle heart and we are grateful to you for all the great gifts of spirit and love that you have given us. As you journey onward, our hearts are filled with caring for you. We will travel with you as far as we can, as you find your way home. We know that your inner map is well honed and that your connection to the greater powers is guiding you in the world beyond. We hold you in our prayers and hearts, and see your shining spirit all around us. We send blessings and heartfull caring to Michelle and your family. May you rest deeply and peacefully. Namaste.
Barbara Schultz
    I realize that many of you have never had the opportunity to meet Victor Beasley. He was the keynote speaker at the Intuition Network's 1997 conference in Berkeley.
  Victor was a man of enormous integrity, passion and vision. 
  He was author of a lovely book called INTUITION BY DESIGN. It also came with a set of accompanying cards -- and even a t-shirt. The system was based on a very esoteric aspect of homeopathy that attributed potent effects to certain geometrical patterns. I must say, that as one trained in western science, Victor's work stood at the very edge of my own boundaries. It was very tempting to reject out-of-hand the notion that funny geometric patterns could be so meaningful. But, Victor was able to demonstrate their effectiveness to me on many occasions. He did so with dignity, clarity and an uncannily accurate inner sense of his own.
  Victor specialized in intuitive consultations within the organizational and business world. He had the gift of seeing the soul of an organization -- and of working with the leaders of organizations to facilitate their ability to hold to and communicate their own deepest vision. For me, that was his special gift to the Intuition Network. 
  Victor deeply believed in the work of the Network. I believe that he attended every single one of our conferences. He personally encouraged me, with grace and selflessness, to align the Network with the highest and most refined ideals. He made his vision and views known often -- and with great sensitivity -- on e-mail discussion groups as well as at meetings of intuitive consultants.
  I believe I can speak for all of us who had the privelege of knowing Victor that he was much beloved within the Intuition Network. I know I held him in the highest esteem. 
  Yet, I do not feel that I will exactly miss Victor. Actually, I feel his spirit as vibrant and powerful as ever. I know that Victor would want us to strive mightily to bring intuition forth into the world in the most soulful, refined manner within our power.
  I think that the highest tribute we can offer our dear, respected friend is to do just this!
  Victor, I am filled with gratitude for the many gifts of your soul that we in the intuition community have received. I am filled with gratitude for having had the pleasure of your friendship, your counsel and your
  I am filled with love for the being who you are. And, I feel your presence very strongly within our community.
Jeffrey Mishlove
  Dear Victor:
  The day we met eight years ago at the GIN conference in Hawaii will always be memorable. Since that time, you and your lovely wife Michelle have been very special friends to me and my husband Jim. Most importantly, you have been a colleague, coach and spiritual advisor, showing me how the "cosmic wind in my 
sails" (your words) has been guiding my efforts to articulate intuition.
  Through all of our precious moments together, I have been privileged to immerse myself in the many facets of your magnificent being. I would like to share these sides with others, so they too, can know you as I do - as A Man For All Seasons.
  AN INQUISITIVE MAN -I first saw you at the Global Intuition Network conference in Hawaii in 1991. We were at a closing "salon session" guided by Eric Utne. In that process, we could only talk if we had the talking stick in our hands. I was fascinated by you and noticed your body leaning forward, chin resting on your hand, brows furled, and intensity written all over your face. I took the stick and announced to the group, "I want to hear what this man has to say." You were so inquisitive and raised many questions for us all to ponder. At the end of the meeting you came over, thanked me for prompting you to talk, and mentioned that you were bursting at the seams to contribute but didn't know how to break into the group. 
  THE SPIRITUAL MAN - I would need pages to describe your worldly spiritual orientation and relationship with the universe. As a coach and friend, whenever I fell into limited thinking, you always helped me take the 
blinders off. When you stayed at our house, the first thing each morning, you would have me sit down and take notes on the messages your received during the night about how I needed to proceed in my business and personal affairs. You called this getting messages from your spiritual e-mail.
  THE MAN WITH THE GLOBAL VIEW - Following our first conference in Hawaii, I wanted to start a new intuition organization with more of a pragmatic focus called IDATA --Intuitive Development and Training 
Association. You were concerned that I was losing the "global focus" with my new thrust which was already inherent in the rubric Global Intuition Network.
  THE MAN OF ALL CULTURES: During our work breaks when we prepared the Inreaching Manual, you shared how you traveled to many sites around the world. You were truly at home in so many different cultures. I recall your calling from Phoenix one day and saying, "Did you know the Brazilian Ballet is coming to Berkeley? Let's get tickets and go." And so the Emerys and Beasleys headed off to Cal Performances to witness an exquisite night of dance.
  A FAMILY MAN - Your love and concern for your wife Michele was constantly underscored. I also loved hearing about Papa Victor and tales of your three grown children. I remember you and Jim swapping stories about your kids growing up. Our last conversation a couple months ago was about your 37 year old daughter giving birth for the first time. This was timely and synchronistic since Jim's 37 year old daughter was also about to be a first time Mom.
  THE INREACHING MAN - The Inreaching program to initiate intuition study groups all over the world began in October 1997. You were our consultant providing invaluable knowledge that you gleaned from starting the 
Phoenix Intuition Group in 1991. Recently, we talked about the regional gathering Jim and I were planning and how we were going to structure the meeting. On the phone I can still hear you say, "This is so exciting, this is 
rich. I'm going to start writing down the ideas that come to me about this meeting."
  THE INTUITIVE MAN - This has been demonstrated through your book "Intuition By Design" and through your teachings. I witnessed your uncanny intuitive ability first hand as we were deciding which book selections to include in the Manual. We had a pile of about 20 books and would separately hold each book in our hand and give it a rating for inclusion in the Manual. We never opened the book to examine the contents. This was our way of intuiting the right selection for the Manual.
  THE CHEERLEADING MAN - There were many moments during my preparation for the 1997 IN conference in Berkeley when I was ensconced in doubt and confusion wondering how I would muster support and attendance for the conference. One day, I told you I had attracted 8 volunteers to help out. You got so excited and made me feel so rich for attracting the people who in turn would open the gates for others.
  THE CONSUMMATE GOURMET - Each time you came to visit, there were so many highlights of our time together. You really loved the fish meals that Jim cooked for you. You also loved going out to eat and weeks before your arrival, would give me a food category to explore. On one visit, you wanted lamb, and so we went to a Asian fusion cuisine restaurant (Asian and CA.) Although the lamb chops came as little rounds rolled up and neatly decorated, they were unlike anything you pictured. The four of us laughed uproariously.
  THE HEALTH ADVOCATE -You introduced the Emerys to "The Healing Summit" in Monterey, CA. on October 1997. This international organization composed of the World Federation of Healing and the Creative Health Network was having its first Healing Summit. You were instrumental in helping the group draft their Healing Summit Agreement. Victor, you so strongly believed in the spiritual energy inherent in this document which you devotedly distributed to many groups around the world. 
  A REGAL MAN - Your magnificent presence speaks so loudly. At one of the Intuition 2000 conferences sponsored by Roger Frantz at San Diego State University, each presenter was called up to the front of the room at the beginning of the gathering to say a few words about their work. When your name was called, you came from the back of the room. Jeffrey and I stood there and marveled as you regally walked down that aisle filled with pride. Your majestic bearing said everything about you.
  A LOVING CARING FRIEND - For you, intuition reflected the intelligence of the heart. And you my friend were all heart. When my pilot light was almost out as I cared for my spouse during his deep clinical depression, you called frequently out of concern for both of us. You wanted me to get him on the Bach Flower Remedies. On your own, you called New York and other places to find out if there was a Bach practitioner in my area. I 
so appreciated your concern and attempt to remedy our pain.
  Thank you my dear friend for that last dream. Our mutual friend Lee Kaiser, the healthcare futurist helped me understand your actions in the dream drama. You left your jacket to keep me warm when I experienced a cold 
chill after hearing about your departure, and giving me the ties to remind me that we are still tied or connected together.
  I will always feel grateful for knowing you. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the big picture.
  In light, Your friend and colleague,
Marcia Emery
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